St George’s Venue


St George’s Venue is part of St George’s United Reformed Church.  The Venue was set up in 2018 with the purpose of bringing quality artists and musicians to the Venue and also working alongside the church to assist with the seasonal events that are common throughout the Christian year.  St George’s has, since its early beginnings, had a heritage for music and the arts.  Stained glass windows in the west transept show musicians playing instruments ranging from the organ, violin, trumpets and harp.  Thanks to a significant grant from The Northern Synod of the United Reformed Church, The Venue has installed a 24 channel digital sound system, theatrical lighting and a multimedia system.  The general layout of the building with its wide aspect, unhindered by stone columns, makes the space ideally suited to concerts and events.  Retaining the original pews was a complex decision but this retains a lot of the natural sound of the building that would be lost if the pews were removed, carpets laid and chairs purchased.  Cushions make the pews comfortable for the duration of concerts.

Concerts are held during the year and have been well received.