Stained Glass Windows

St Cecelia’s Window in East Transept

The organ was paid for by founder members of the church, Mr and Mrs Baines and was installed in 1904. The Baines were keen organ players but Mrs Baines didn’t enjoy it for long as she died in 1905. She was a well known figure in town, being the daughter of Sir William and Lady Gray of shipbuilding fame. Her husband arranged for the stained glass window to be installed in her memory with St Cecilia, the patron saint of music, playing a very early form of organ. It also includes St. George so the window is very personal to the church.

St John’s Window in West Transept

The window, which is opposite St Cecilia, started life in St John’s, the Park Road Presbyterian Church given by the mayor, Mr William Edge, in 1917.St John’s congregation joined with St George’s at the formation of the United Reformed Church in the 1970’s. The building was demolished but the window was saved and installed in St George’s. It actually has electric light behind it to light up the glass.

Moon Legacy Window in East side of church

This small window, now in the hall section of the church, was placed in memory of Elizabeth Moon by her son, William H Moon. Nothing is now known about them.